“Octavia Henderson I call Lady O is a caring, loving and encouraging individual. She wants nothing but the best for you. I have been working with Lady O for almost two years and I love it.!!!!!! The results I see would not have been achieved without her. I was doing another exercise begins with a C… but I was not getting the results I have with Lady O. I highly highly highly recommend her you will not be disappointed!!!!!” – Joyce E.

The absolute BEST…your search stops here!! Deciding to work with Octavia is one of the best decisions I have made. We started working together a few months ago to address my weight concerns. I have been trying to lose the same 15 pounds for the last three years. She listens, offers great advice and often tells you things that you may not want to hear (like why I need to cut back on so many sweets and reduce my sodium). She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness and overall healthy living. She is totally committed to her clients and her program involves expertise combined with her generous time and emotional support.

Octavia created a plan for me that is realistic and manageable. Since working with her my mindset has changed and I am no longer on a diet but eating healthy for a lifetime.

I highly recommend Octavia for anyone with weight or fitness goals that they have not been able to obtain on their own. Your search stops here….Octavia is the best.” – Angie T.

” Ms. Henderson is an AWESOME TRAINER who cares about her clients. She encourages me as I am training and with daily emails. She’s pleasant and has a great sense of humor. I have been working out with her a little over a yearand I have lost two dress sizes on my way to a third smaller dress. She works hard for me to make sure I reach my goals. I tell everybody about her when they inquire about my weight loss.

I am proud to be trained by MS. OCTAVIA HENDERSON!!!!” – Gail. B

“Your versatility of modifying techniques for beginners like  me is great for those who want to work up a sweat and still feel like we’re doing new types of training . I also like that my routines is constantly changing, which to people like me who get bored easily is a huge plus! I have been training with you for only a few months but I can easily see a huge difference in the way that I look and feel. Working out has now become part of my daily life, it has improved my health, physic and all around attitude in choices. Like anything else in life Its up to you how much you want to push yourself, which is why you are fantastic, because you don’t let me cheat myself! I encourage anyone at any level of fitness that they are in to train with you. You always push me just enough. I recommend you for beginners and health buffs alike.” – Katrina A.

“I never thought I would actually enjoy working out, but I do now! It’s very challenging and extremely rewarding. My clothes are so lose now, and I don’t jiggle as much. I feel an increase in energy throughout the day and just feel better in general.” – Jackie D.

“After 13 years of managing others, I got so busy that I neglected to take care of my body. I began working with Octavia in September of 2012 and she truly helped me to reshape my overall work and life balance, my eating habits, discipline to exercise, and lifting technique. I worked on a regimen of cardio, cross training, and weight training, and the results have been amazing… I’ve lost over 45 pounds while gaining strength and endurance I haven’t had since my high school days, and I’ve maintained that weight loss in large part due to Octavia’s coaching, feedback, and advice. She is passionate about great eating and exercising habits, and also “walks the walk”. With all due respect, but her body is smokin! She provides the workouts, and I give it my best shot, because I know nothing works unless I do! I would highly recommend anyone – from beginner to professional athlete – to work with Octavia; she can set up a program to challenge you to, and beyond, what you currently believe your limits are. With that constant push from her, you will get the results you’re looking for, like I did! Thanks Oh!” – David A.

“Octavia is worth spending your time and money on as a personal trainer because she will push you to make the most out of your workouts. I never felt like I had a wasted session. I always learned something new. Se has extensive knowledge of the exercise field which allows for fun, creative workouts. She inspired me to commit to the challenge of getting healthy and fit!” – Christina M.

“My Mom and I have been seeing Octavia since last summer. I am 46 years old and I am a diabetic. I have had some medical challenges during my life, but Octavia adapts the workout as I need. She is always positive and works with me to bring out my best effort. She has helped me change my eating habits and I am getting stronger and toned. My workouts have really helped control my diabetes too. She makes working out fun. Thanks Octavia!” – Carla T.

“Octavia got me quicker and faster. I learned what I was doing wrong and how to improve on the problem. It really helped my basketball game.” – Jahleel H.