New Year…New You!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. If you struggle to believe that, it’s probably because of a history of failed resolutions. This year, however, you owe it to yourself to become the new person you want to be. Not in order to impress other people. You’re going to do it to remind yourself that yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to—you can become a healthier/better person.

Ready to get started on the road to a new you? Keep reading to find out what you’ve got to do this the year to make the new you happen!

Talk about It

After a few years of failed resolutions, you may want to keep your plans a secret. But don’t! If your family and friends don’t know what your goals are, you won’t have their support in your journey. They may scoff or snigger when they find out you have big plans for the coming year, but don’t let them get you down. Most likely, they’re jealous. So whether you want to be more committed to your fitness routine, eat better, or be more patient with your family, friends, or co-workers, don’t keep your resolution for a new you to yourself!

Start with Pre-Tests

Next Monday may be when you’ve decided to really begin committing to your new self, but don’t wait that long. Start today with some pre-tests. Once a day, find a way to implement your new lifestyle into your routine. That may mean swapping a not so healthy dessert out for a piece of fruit one night. Or maybe it’s letting your spouse have the remote control. Then again, it could be chewing on a few almonds instead of going for crunchy potato chips when stressed. Whatever it is, scoring these small victories lets you know that you can indeed become the new person in the New Year that you desire.

Expect Success

There’s a reason New Year’s resolutions are the punch line for countless jokes. There ARE people, however, who beat the odds and stick with their resolutions. This time around, you’re going to be one of them too. Not because you’re better than other people who can’t keep from overeating. And not because you’re smarter than people who don’t read a book every month (like you’re planning to do this year). The reason you’re going to succeed is because you want it, and nothing is going to stop you. When you expect success and realize it is possible—which it is—you’re prepared to do what it takes to find that success. Now go for it!

Go for the Right Goals

Before you set a resolution for a new you in the New Year, take stock of your life to determine what would give you the best bang for your resolution buck. Already spending more time than you’d like away from the family? Maybe you should resolve to work your way into a position at work that requires less travel. Thinking you need to lose more weight when all your friends think you’re exceptionally thin? Maybe you should work on adding muscle to your frame instead. Only when you have the right goals can your new you be the best you.

Have Some Fun

Sometimes, creating a new you can be tiring. After all, you’ve spent a lifetime creating the old you, and your old self will not leave without a fight! When your lifestyle changes feel like too much and you’re drooling for ice cream, jonesing for a high carb fill, turn your focus to something fun. Watch a funny YouTube video, movie, go on a walk, hang out with friends—just do something to occupy your mind elsewhere! When you’re done, your head will be cleared and you’ll again be ready to shed the old you in favor of the new you in the New Year!

I have just the exercise plan for you – one that will not only help you recover from your holiday indulgences, but will help keep your mind stimulated & focused on your brighter future.

If you haven’t joined yet, now is the perfect time to start. Together we will get you focused on your goals with my results-driven method.

Simply contact me today to set up your first workout.

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3rd Marathon: Baltimore Running Festival Review

3rd Marathon: Baltimore Running Festival October 15, 2016 Review



Registration Fees: $124.33 (including discount code & tax)baltimore-marathon-medal-octavia-henderson
Transportation: $3.66 round trip. I drove. (Toyota Prius magic baby!)
Accommodations: $0 My house!
Food: $0 Home cooked meals & snacks
Extras: $79.99 Post race massage (MassageCare21…Cynthia’s awesome!)
Total Cost: $207.98

Runners: 2,354 (983 women, 1,371 men)
Start Time: 8:01:25 a.m. ET (Eastern Standard Time)
Course: The Run has a total ascent of 488.56 ft and has a maximum elevation of 288.62 ft..…starts fairly flat, but then lots of LONG hills mid way through until almost the last few miles. OMG!
Weather: 62 degrees & calm
SWAG: Nice long sleeve Under Armour dri fit t-shirt; substantial medal…awesome crab that opens & closes!!!
Race Organization: Not enough signs or volunteers. The medal handout portion at the end was chaotic…medals lying everywhere & folks crabbing. The organizers actually posted about running out of medals & apologized. I saw why!
Crowd Support: Sparse throughout….few medium sized crowns midway & at the end.
Volunteer Support: Very kind & helpful.
Water Stops: Hydration stations not staffed well…several stations with cups not filled yet.
Food: Bananas, oranges, candies, GU gels, Gatorade and water along the course, with ample typical post race food
Age: 36
Finishing Time: 4:29:14
Average Pace: 10:18
Place: 409th/983 Overall Women, 69th/160 AG
Total Experience: … 1 2 3 4 5…still would do it all again for that awesome crab medal!!!



2nd Marathon: Marine Corps Marathon 2015 Review

2nd Marathon: Marine Corps Marathon October 25, 2015 Review


marine-corps-marathonRegistration Fees: $140
Transportation: $6 WMATA (DC metro) round trip
Accomodations: $0 My house!
Food: $0 Home cooked meals & snacks
Extras: $60 Post race massage
Total Cost: $206

Runners: 2,3197 (1,0428 women, 1,2769 men)
Start Time: 7:55 a.m. ET (Eastern Standard Time)
Course: The Run has a total ascent of 878.57 ft and has a maximum elevation of 247.05 ft.…relatively flat course until the hellishly steep hill at the end.
Weather: 52 degrees
SWAG: Nice long sleeve sweat shirt; substantial medal
Race Organization: A bit chaotic, but in all fairness it was the 40th anniversary.
Crowd Support: Spectacular the whole way through!
Volunteer Support: Fantastic, very kind & helpful…everyone was presented with their medal by a marine at finish!
Water Stops: Really well organized and often
Food: Bananas, Candies, GU gels, Gatorade and water along the course, with ample typical post race food
Age: 35
Finishing Time: 4:36:24
Average Pace: 10:32
Place: 3,165th/9,151 Overall Women, 559th/1,805 AG
Total Experience: … 1 2 3 4 5



1st Marathon: Rock n Roll Marathon Washington D.C. 2014 Review

1st Marathon: Rock n Roll Marathon Washington D.C. March 15, 2014 Review & Big Thank you!

washington-dcOAR Run For Autism RNRrock-n-roll-2014-marathon-review-octavia-henderson

Registration Fees: Free (Organization for Autism Research sponsored my run)
Transportation: $3 WMATA (DC metro)
Accomodations: $0 My house!
Food: $0 Home cooked meals & snacks
Extras: $60 Post race massage
Total Cost: $63

Runners: 2,722 (1,170 women, 1,552 men)
Start Time: 7:30 a.m. ET (Eastern Standard Time)
Course: The Run has a total ascent of 377.65 ft and has a maximum elevation of 214.76 ft…lots of small rolling hills…VERY scenic/stimulating…great way to tour the nations capital!
Weather: 50 degrees
SWAG: Nice short sleeve t-shirt
Race Organization: Very good…long bathroom lines though
Crowd Support: Awesome!
Volunteer Support: Exceptionally good, very kind & helpful
Water Stops: Really well organized and often
Food: Bananas, gummie candies, GU gels, Gatorade and water along the course, with typical post race food
Age: 34
Finishing Time: 4:46:42
Average Pace: 10:57
Place: 769th/1170 Overall, 27th/41 AG
Total Experience: … 1 2 3 4 5

RNRUSA14 octavia henderson Stats

Older Adults Need More Protein…blah blah blah anabolic resistance with aging…blah blah blah

What does this Frankenstein chart mean? Older adults need more protein. It’s that simple. It takes more to get more (stronger that is). If you want to sweat the details, checkout these  ( study1 & study2) Frankenstein reads.

Please note that you don’t have to eat soy to benefit from eating more protein. Any good quality protein will do just fine. Keep it simple.

Image presented in Anabolic Resistance With Aging webinar facilitated by S.Johnson of Soyfoods Association of America

Image presented in Anabolic Resistance With Aging webinar facilitated by S.Johnson of Soyfoods Association of America

Top 10 Low Calorie Foods

Sadly, there aren’t actually foods that burn more calories than they contain. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes open for foods that offer very low amounts of calories that will do your diet good. Ready to hunt down some of the best low-calorie foods available? Here are 10 of them. Note: These are not necessarily low carb options. Be mindful of this if you eat low carb.

#1: Black Rice

Everyone loves rice. Most folks are gaga for the white stuff, but many are turning to brown rice. If you want your rice fix, but also want to trim more calories and cram in some more antioxidants and vitamin E, go even darker. With black rice, your main and side dishes will get a boost in needed nutrients while stripping out calories.

#2: Carrots

There are few foods as dense and filling as carrots that offer so few calories to add to your waistline. How many calories? An entire cup of the orange goodies contain a meager 52 calories! Additional perks include the fact that they’re cheap and great either cooked or raw and have plenty of vitamin A.

#3: Asparagus

Toss it on a salad, get it fresh off the grill, or steam it up on the stovetop. However you prefer your asparagus, you can take comfort knowing that this filling food comes with just 27 calories per cup. Of course, many prefer their asparagus loaded with salt and butter, and if this is you, be careful! Otherwise you can easily turn a low-calorie stalk of asparagus into an unhealthy, weight gaining addition to your meal.

#4: Arugula

It’s green, has something of a peppery kick, and rings in at 4 calories per cup. Yes, you read right—4 calories. Versatile enough to go wherever green, leafy veggies belong, arugula adds flavor without adding fat, cholesterol, or calories to your salads, soups and beyond!

#5: Broccoli

What is it about green stuff that makes it so low in calories? Whatever it is, broccoli meets the criteria for being one of the top 10 low-calorie foods. Broccoli seems to have some of the greatest benefits of any low-calorie food, as it contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that strengthen and protect your body from a variety of dangerous and deadly diseases. Just be careful of gas! Yes, broccoli can prove to be very gassy for some folks. So, just take it easy, because there’s lots more green veggies to choose from.

#6: Lettuce

Weighing in at only 5 calories per cup, lettuce comes with a variety of nutrients, depending on the type you eat. Best choices are those that are dark and rich in color. While you’re not likely to eat a head of lettuce on its own, it provides an exceptional, low-calorie base for all sorts of fantastically delicious and nutritious meals.

#7: Mushrooms

Want to amp up that salad even more? Better grab a handful of mushrooms. Even if you grab a massive handful, you’ll only get 15 calories. And don’t forget that you’ll also get a nice pile of potassium, antioxidants, and various B vitamins. Worn out on salad? Feel free to use mushrooms with other foods (i.e. soups, sandwiches, pizza) and enjoy their versatile abilities.

#8: Tomatoes

Tired of salad talk? Then don’t use that tomato in a salad. Instead, grab a knife, slice up a tomato, and eat it like an apple. I do! When you finish off your medium-sized tomato, it’s okay to feel good about yourself, because you only consumed 22 calories. You also chowed down on vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and an antioxidant called lycopene.

#9: Watermelon

It’s hard to imagine a list of top foods without something to tantalize your sweet tooth. Its naturally sweet, has more of those cancer-fighting antioxidants that your body loves, and is low in calories. 1 slice is 87 calories, but it does have a fairly good amount of sugar, so be careful if you’re trying to lose belly fat with watermelon. So just cut 1 slice (about 1 cup diced) and enjoy!

#10: Broth

Rounding out the list of top 10 low-cal foods is good ol’ broth. No matter if you go for chicken, beef, veggie, seafood, or miso broth, it all drops just 10 calories per cup. Chop up some carrots, black rice, broccoli, and mushrooms, and you just made a fantastic soup with just a few more calories than ingredients. Be sure to use a low sodium broth

While I fully encourage you to replace the processed, high calorie items in your diet with the 10 foods listed above, all the low calorie foods in the world won’t get you the body that you desire, if you neglect to include a challenging exercise program into your routine. You simply MUST exercise in a way that challenges your muscles to adapt and strengthen in order to be fit and healthy.

I am here to help you do just that: become fit and healthy. Don’t waste another minute of your life wishing that you were healthier and more fit – DO something about it before another year rolls around.

Let’s do this!

The 7 Worst Items in Your Kitchen

Sure, you consider yourself to be a healthy person, but do you really have healthy food in your kitchen? You’d be surprised how many fattening foods you’re still buying and eating. Keep reading to learn the 7 Worst Items inside your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.

1. Breakfast Cereal

It’s delicious, it’s easy to prepare, and sometimes it even gives you enough energy to get to lunchtime. Unfortunately, breakfast cereal is often jam-packed with extra sugars that will do more to drag you down than build you up for your day. Prefer the flavorless kinds? Then be ready to be hungry soon, as they often don’t provide enough good calories to fill you up for long. Still hungry for a bowl of cereal? Consider this: they’re one of the most processed foods on the market.

2. Flavored Yogurt

Yes, flavored yogurt tastes much better than its plain peers, but going with a pre-flavored yogurt will instantly jack up the amount of sugar you consume. Fortunately, overcoming the flavorless thing can be done healthily. All you have to do is add chopped, fresh fruit and enjoy!

3. Frozen Entrees

It’s hard to believe how many people rely on frozen TV dinners on a regular basis. If you’re a frozen believer, it’s time to put your health before convenience. On top of frequently lacking vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health, frozen dinners often ooze with trans-fats and sodium. This means that while your palate may be pleased, your waist, arteries, and heart will not. Keeping a few on hand for emergencies is reasonable, but living off of these several times a week is not a good long term look.

4. Diet Soda

This one is tricky. Unfortunately, studies show that diet soda messes with your body’s ability to recognize and manage sugar properly. And while diet drinks may be calorie-free, overweight and obese folks are at a much greater risk for weight gain than those who do not. Oh the irony!

5. Popcorn

No, all popcorn is not to be avoided at all costs. But more than likely, a lot of the unpopped kernels in your kitchen should be ditched. Here’s a good way to determine if your popcorn is at war with your good health. Is it in a prepackaged bag that simply has to be tossed in the microwave to be cooked? Then stay away! Those prepackaged popcorn packages, whether lightly buttered, drowning in butter, or candied, offer no benefit. If you’re going to do popcorn, you’ll need to pop it the old-fashioned way, preferably via air popping. But remember, it’s still a higher starchy carb snack.

6. “Skinny” , “Fiber” Desserts

The word “skinny” is alluring. It’s what you want to achieve. And marketers know that. Unfortunately, marketers are NOT tied to some code of ethics that prevents them from using words that are not factual. What they are tied to is doing whatever it takes to sell more of their product to you. A great way to do that is to toss the word “skinny” or high “fiber” on your favorite dessert item. You’ll buy it, thinking you’ve saved yourself valuable calories, but all you’ve probably done is buy a smaller portion of the same stuff with a little fiber laced into it, only there isn’t any natural sugar and flavor. It’s all artificial. It’s ok to transition yourself from the really hard stuff to this, but you must not stop with it. Keep moving on to the real stuff.

7. Granola Bars

Enjoyed by healthy hikers around the world, granola bars are the final unexpected bad choice in your kitchen. This one may have you scratching your head when you consider that your favorite kind is crammed with every fruit and nut you can imagine. But read the ingredient label and you’ll soon see that there is probably more sugar and nuts than your body needs. Are you hiking out in the wilderness? No? Then you don’t need it. Remember, those bars are meal replacements and jammed pack with nutrition that a hiker who travels lightly needs to complete their journey.

Are you ready to ditch the unhealthy items from your kitchen in order to take your fitness to the next level? Would you like to know without a shadow of a doubt that you are going to lose weight in the coming months?

It’s my goal to see you achieve greatness. I believe that you’ve got what it takes.

It’s so simple. Let’s just do it!

How To Eat Less Sugar

Why is too much sugar so bad??? Just watch this video!

Not only does it promote rapid fat storage, here are sugar’s other dirty little secrets. Too much

  • Sugar Weakens Your Immune System
  • Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance (i.e. type 2 diabetes)
  • Sugar is As Addictive As Hard Drugs (Sugar addiction is real! Video HERE)
  • Sugar Speeds Up the Aging Process
  • Sugar Raises Your Risk of Disease
  • Sugar Is Empty Calories

Here’s how to eat less sugar:

If you want to quickly pack on a few pounds then eat lots of refined sugar. Oh, wait, why would you want to do that? Let’s eat less sugar, instead, and watch the pounds slide off…

We’ve been eating more and more sugar over the past 200 years, which has led to rising obesity numbers. Back in 1822 the average person ate only 6.3 lbs of sugar per year, compared to 130 lbs of sugar in 2012. That’s more than 20 times as much sugar in our modern diet! No wonder we are bigger than ever…

One of the reasons that your diet is filled with so much sugar is that some form of refined sugar is included in virtually every single processed food. This is yet another reason that it’s important to cut those processed and packaged convenience foods out of your diet.

Cutting sugar from your diet is easier said than done. Once it is a part of your daily diet, sugar cravings strike, causing you to eat it even more frequently. But there is hope.

Here are Ways To Eat Less of that Sugar that you’re eating that’s killing your results and keeping you from attaining your ideal body:

Eat More Protein
A diet rich in protein keeps you full, satisfied and less likely to crave sweets. A great way to make sure that you are getting enough is to plan each meal and snack around a protein. Plan breakfast around eggs, lunch and dinner around baked chicken breast, and make easy snacks like hard boiled eggs or baked meatballs. Nuts work too.

Steer Clear Of Saboteurs
The sad truth is that people in your life will try to sabotage your low sugar diet. You’ll run into that pushy person at the office who insists that you eat a donut, the well-meaning family member who dishes you up a bowl of ice cream, and the friend who comes over with a plate of her home-baked cookies. The best avoidance strategy is to sincerely thank the sugar-pusher for their gift, tell them you wish you could eat it, and then blame me – your fitness mentor – as the bad lady who says that you need to cut back on sugar.

Try Dark Chocolate
For those moments when your sweet tooth is relentlessly badgering you for something sweet, ditch the super-sugary candies and stick with a small square of very dark chocolate. Chocolate that is 70% or higher in cocoa content is more healthy. The benefit of the cocoa, in addition to the lowered sugar content, makes dark chocolate an occasionally justifiable treat.

Stick With Fruit
What’s sweet, colorful and comes in hundreds of flavors? Seasonal, fresh fruit, of course! As you remove refined sugar from your life, add in some natural sugar by way of fresh, local fruit. It’s amazing how satisfyingly sweet fruit is – it’s truly nature’s candy. How about a FREE low sugar smoothie cookbook?

Change Your Palate
As you begin to limit your intake of refined sugars, you’ll find that your tolerance for sugar decreases. This means that something that didn’t taste sweet before – say a green apple – now has uncanny depths of sweetness. What’s happening is that your sweet receptors are becoming more finely tuned, now that you’re not overwhelming your palate with sickly-sweet refined sugar.

Workout Like You Mean It
A regular, challenging exercise routine will not only get you into amazing shape, it also reduces your cravings for sugar. The endorphin rush brought on by vigorous exercise is a powerful feel-good-feeling.

Make challenging, consistent exercise a part of your new healthy lifestyle.

Lose Belly Fat Tips

So you want to get rid of some belly fat.

And you can’t help but be on the lookout for that magical exercise that will give you flat abs once-and-for-all.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble of hope…

But all the ab crunches in the world won’t make a dent in your belly bulge, as long as you continue with your unhealthy lifestyle.

This isn’t a cutting edge discovery. In fact, by now it’s common knowledge that spot reduction is a myth.

And yet, time after time, I’m asked to reveal the exercise, or exercise machine, that gets rid of stomach fat.

There is no such magical exercise.

The magic is found in altering your diet and exercise routine to promote fat loss from your overall body, including—but not limited to—your midsection.

Here’s how to really get rid of that belly fat:

Flat Belly Tip #1: Cut Out Processed Foods

You know how theme parks have those tickets that allow you to cut to the front of the ride lines?

Consider processed foods as a ticket to belly fat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if future studies show that the over-processing, chemical additives and added sugars that are pumped into processed food specifically adds fat around your belly.

If you want to lose pounds then stay away from added sugars, sodas, chemically altered fats, processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods.

Flat Belly Tip #2: Eat Fresh, Whole Foods

Once you’ve cut the garbage out of your diet, fill in the void with fresh foods such as:

  • Green veggies by the boat loads
  • Whole fruit, in moderation
  • Lean, 93% or higher, high quality meat
  • Colorful veggies by the boat loads
  • Whole grains, in moderation
  • Dry beans, in moderation

While these foods may seem boring at first, stick with it long enough and you’ll grow to love the unadulterated flavor of real food.

Eating a diet filled with the foods listed above will give your body all the nutrients it needs to shed pounds and lean out.

Flat Belly Tip #3: A Consistent, Challenging Exercise Program

The absolute best way to fight the battle of the belly bulge is with a consistent, challenging exercise program.

  • Consistent: You should exercise 3-5 times each week.
  • Challenging: If you want to see results then keep your body guessing by changing up exercises and varied intensity.

Get working now!